Our Leadership and Staff

The Elders of the Church

Teaching Elders (TE) - Elders who are called and ordained to focus on Teaching and Preaching. (1Timothy 4:14, 5:17)

Ruling Elders (RE) - Elders (a.k.a. in some translations "Bishops" or "Overseers") who are called and ordained to focus on the Shepherding of the Flock and Oversight (rule) of the Church. (Acts 20:18-38; 1Timothy 3:1-7; Acts 15:2, 6, 22; 1Thessalonians 5:12; Hebrews 13:7, 17)

Note: All elders are ruling elders, that is one who rules and oversees the church and shepherds the flock—and, all Elders are required to teach. However, a TE focuses on Teaching and Preaching while still ruling, overseeing and shepherding, and a RE focuses more on ruling, overseeing and shepherding but still teaches and sometimes even preaches! Therefore: While all elders are ruling elders, not all ruling elders are teaching elders! (cf. 1Tim. 5:17)

Go to the Contact Us page if you want to submit a theological question about Biblical Eldership/Oversight and why we believe that the Bible teaches that the Elder and Bishop are the same office!

Pastor Cornelius "Neal" J. Ganzel Jr.—Senior Pastor (Teaching Elder)
Pastor Ganzel has served Coquina as its pastor since 2001. He and his lovely wife Suzanne embraced Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in early 1970’s at the Greenhouse, a ministry outreach associated with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 1977 they were married at the campus chapel of Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi where they were both students. Just before their wedding, they sensed the Lord’s clear call to leave school so that Neal could pursue the personal maturity they believed God requires of men called into gospel ministry. After Neal’s twenty-year marketing and communications career in seaport/airport-related international trade and transportation, they were convinced that God was truly calling Neal to the Ministry. He was elected a ruling elder, then taken under care of the North Florida Presbytery as a candidate for the Gospel ministry. He returned to to Reformed Theological Seminary to complete his Master of Divinity degree at the the school’s new Oviedo, Florida campus. Neal was licensed to preach as a Ruling Elder on the day he was taken under care of the North Florida Presbytery in 1999, and has continually served the Lord Jesus as a preacher/teacher since that time. He served Coquina as its interim preacher during his final year of seminary training and required field work before being ordained and installed as Coquina’s Senior Pastor on June 17, 2001. Pastor Neal’s passion is to see every Christian brought to membership at Coquina grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, lovingly obeying Jesus as they live to expand Jesus’ Kingly influence in their marriages, families, vocations and neighborhoods.
Elder Wolf Unger—Dir. of Family Min., Discipleship & Service / Clerk of the Session
Wolf Unger is married to his high school sweetheart Bernadette, both who graduated from New Smyrna Beach HS in 1978 and 1980 respectively. They married in 1980. Wolf graduated in 1982 from the University of Florida with a BSBA (Human Resource Management) and Bernadette graduated from Stetson with a BA in Math and German. Bernadette teaches math at New Smyrna Middle School—her thirtieth year of teaching! They homeschooled both of their children. Their daughter Danielle is married to Brett, who she met at Reformed University Ministry at USF, and has two wonderful adopted boys—making Wolf an instant grandfather! Danielle teaches ASL at DSC. Their son Ricard works in the contracting field.
In 1993 Wolf and Bernadette came to Christ through His mercy and grace working through the witness and testimony of some close friends and family. They were baptized and became members of First Baptist of New Smyrna Beach in 1994. In 1996 they became members of Spruce Creek PCA. Wolf was also teaching math and computer science at Deltona HS and Pine Ridge HS, as well as Internet and Microsoft Office applications at DBCC. While at Pine Ridge Wolf felt God’s call into the ministry and started a long part-time schedule at Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo while serving his internship as Youth Director and Director of Christian Education and Missions at Spruce Creek. There he created and directed their Home Cell L.I.F.E. groups. He graduated in 2004 with a Master’s in Theology (with a focus in Christian Education). From 1999 through 2001 he coordinated short one-week construction youth mission trips to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina and the last two years in Biloxi and Pass Christian after Katrina. In 2006, Wolf and Bernadette transferred to Coquina Presbyterian where he became an elder in 2008. He loves to talk with people about Christ, and to engage and challenge them to think about what it means to have a good "family." In today’s broken culture, family has become a word without much meaning, but Wolf believes that we can recover the real meaning of Family!
Elder Harry Watt
Harry Watt was born in the high mountains of Colorado. He grew up and went to school there until a teenager when his father’s work transferred the family to California. Harry received his engineering and business degrees in California. His main employment being with both Government Security Agencies, in Engineering Management through Aero Space Security and as Human Resources for the Boeing Corporation. Harry is happy to share that Edee has served three years as a Ruling Elder during the early 1970’s in a USA Presbyterian Church in Maryland. They were blessed to become members of a PCA Church in Maryland in 1986. Edee also had the privilege of being a Stay-at-Home Mom, a Government Secretary, Social Worker, and teacher of Developmentally Disabled for the Kennedy Institute in Washington, D.C. Harry feels blessed to be the father of four children, one son and three daughters, plus having grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He served as Ruling Elder for seven years in the Chantilly, Virginia PCA church. After retirement and moving to Florida, he continues to serve God through the Gideon Ministry that he and Edee joined in 1992 as well as being a Bible Teacher in various nursing homes. After moving to Ormond Beach in 2004, Harry became a Ruling Elder at Coquina PCA, a position in which he continues to serve.
Elder Patrick Harrington
Although born in Montana, Patrick Harringtom came to us from the great state of Maine. Patrick worked as a Radiological Control Technician both in and for the US Navy—but the only thing that glows is the glory of Jesus Christ. He is married to his sweetheart Marcia who coordinates our Wednesday Night Family Fellowship Dinners. The have a son Jayson who has a degree in Computer Science from Daytona State College, and a daughter Shanara who presently works in retail at a local store.
Patrick has a BA with a double major in Biblical Studies and Philosophy from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusettes. He has also done graduate studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusettes and at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Patrick's extensive Greek studies has added a new dimension to our Sunday School Class.

The Deacons of the Church

The office of Deacon is not an office of leadership, but of Service. They assist the Elders in serving the needs of the church to allow elders to do the work of shepherding and ruling. In other words, the Bible calls deacons to provide logistical and material support so that the elders can focus on the Word of God and prayer. (Acts 6:3-4; 1Timothy 3:8-13)

Deacons oversee the needs of widows in the church, manage the physical facilities, review and recommend the yearly budget to the Session (Board of Elders), and assist the Session in many other areas.

Go to the Contact Us page if you want to submit a theological question about what the Bible teaches about the office of Deacon.

Glenn Canfield—Chairman of the Deacons
Glenn Canfield serves as the Chairman of the Deacons. Glenn has been a faithful servant to God’s Kingdom at Coquina and has been instrumental in helping the church upgrade and repair many aging systems like the roofs, fire hydrant, barn expansion and the main sign on the highway. Glenn is married with four wonderful children, and has been a faithful servant to God’s Kingdom at Coquina. He has been instrumental in helping the church upgrade and repair many aging systems like the roofs, fire hydrant, barn expansion and the main sign on the highway. Glenn is a grissly grizzly bear of man with the heart of a teddy bear! He loves the Lord and loves the Church.
Hong Liu
Hong Liu was born in the Peoples Republic of China and teaches math and computer science at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Hong has had a passion of the Chinese students who come to Embry Riddle and He and other local Chinese Christians have held Bible fellowships with these students for many years. Recently, they came together and asked the Coquina Session for permission to begin a new Chinese church plant that worships in our Family Fellowship Facility every Sunday morning with Sunday School.

The Staff of the Church

In today’s complex and busy world church offices and ministries need the support that makes it all come together! That is where staff comes in.

Darlene Reeves Darlene Reeves
Darlene Reeves came to Coquina in 2006 shortly after her and her husband John moved to Florida. She serves as Coquina’s Church Administrator and Pastoral Assistant. As a faithful servant to God’s Kingdom since the age of 12 and as a member at Coquina she serves as Children’s Sunday school teacher and sings in the choir. Darlene brings a real practical no-nonsense git-r-done attitude to the office. She manages all the things most people don’t even think about as well as producing the weekly bulletin.
Kathryn Teter Kathryn Teter
Kathryn Teter came to Coquina in 2005 and in 2009 became our Choir Director. As Coquina’s Choir Director, Kathryn has brought a level of musical excellance that we could not have dreamt of. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Florida and had done graduate study at Arkansas State University. For many years she taught at the Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri where she taught classes on directing church choirs and children’s music. She also teaches students in her private studio who want a focused one-on-one music education.
She has devoted herself to the idea that the choir’s audience is not primarily the worshipers, but God Himself sitting in heaven listening to the glorious sounds of praise throught the voices at Coquina! She is resolute in her determination to make every choir member the very best that they can be! She has been a supremely valuable asset to the church!
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