Our Campus
Road SignCoquina Entrance Sign
Main Campus ViewFrom the Entrance Looking at the Sanctuary on left and Christian Education on Right which also houses our Little Blessings Preschool
Between Main Buildings - Out FrontFrom Front Parking Lot Area Walking Bewteen Sanctuary and Christian Education/Little Blessings Preschool Buildings;
Little Blessing EntranceBehind Sanctuary Looking at Christian Education/Little Blessings Preschool Entrance Door
Sanctuary Worship CenterInside Worship Center Facing Pulpit and Choir Area—Where We Worship In Spirit and in Truth!
Family Fellowship Facility - AKA the "BARN"!The Family Fellowship Facility — A.K.A. "The Barn" — Where Our Fabulous Wednesday Night Family Fellowship Dinners Are Held Every Wednesday at 5:45 P.M.! Also Little Blessings Preschool Gymnastics classes as well as Pat Spano's Watercolor Painting Class.